From the Chairman and Members of IUNVA Post 6.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all in the Military Family, both serving and retired as well as their families at this time.

A special word of mention for those involved in Overseas Duty.

Photograph of Limerick, by Dermot Lynch.


Post 6, Annual General Meeting

The Post AGM will take place on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 8pm, venue to be confirmed. Nominations for Post Committee must be submitted by Thursday 12th Jan 23.


Post 6 Newsletter

Vol 3 Issue 12 of the Newsletter will be available in February 23.


Attending the Respect and Loyalty Parade in Cork City on Saturday 04/May/19

Sincere Condolences from the Chairman and members of Post 6 IUNVA,

to the Family of Private Sean Rooney, 121st Bn UNIFIL and 27th Bn Dundalk ,

at this sad time. May Sean rest in Peace.

Also at this time we wish a speedy recovery to

Trooper Shane Kearney, 121st Bn UNIFIL and Collins Barracks Cork.

To their families friends and comrades at home and abroad,

our thoughts are with you all at this sad time.

When visiting the page, you can return to iunvalimerick by scrolling the News page to the links subpage, there you will see Post 6, click on this link to go to the Post webpage.

You can visit by following the link on the links page.

If there are photographs or articles about you on this site and you wish to have them removed, please contact me on +353863488118.

This is in conjunction with the Data Protection Regulation recently issued.

You can also send an email to

Please see, agreed Pay changes, below, that will take effect on agreement with all parties.

Each group will get feedback from their members and if agreed, it will take effect immediately from that date.

Recently, Post 6 received a cheque, from the Tesco in the Cummunity Fund. Pictured are Pa Hogan and Ken OBrien of Post 6, who received the cheque from Pat Kelly and David Broome of Tesco, Arthurs Quay, Limerick.

Not getting updates from IUNVA or your Post

Are you a member of IUNVA, paying your fees through your pension.

If so and you are not getting updates from your local post. It may be, because the Post is inactive, you can contact Ken OBrien on 0863488118 or IUNVA HQ to check your present status.

You may be a member, but your details might not be up to date.

 Compilation of List of Surviving Congo Members.

Muiris de Barra, who served with the 1st Infantry Group in the Congo,

has been in contact, asking if I could forward the following links.

He is trying to compile a list of surviving members,

that served with any Unit in the Congo.

Defence Forces Community Facebook page:

Irish.U.N in the Congo Facebook page:

List your name and number, along with your home unit and any Congo Units.

Please do not enter, any deceased members.

He is hoping to make contact with John ONeill, 12th Bn who served,

with the 1st Infantry Group, who was involved in handing over a Monkey,

that was brought home from the Congo, to Dublin Zoo.

Update: The John ONeill that we were trying to locate, was in fact known by all of us, as Charlie ONeill RIP.

If you cannot load the details, forward them to me and I will pass them on.


Joe Fallon, has kindly agreed to donate all proceeds from this book to ONE and IUNVA, to assist in caring for ex members, through their Centres across the Country.

By purchasing the book from Kieran Jordan, the full cost of the book goes into the fund.

So if you wish to purchase a book, please contact me and I will arrange with Kieran to get a copy for you.

Post 6 News.

IUNVA Membership of €24 and Post Fees of €6 are due.

These fees must be paid by 31st of December each year. Please note that failure to pay these fees could result in your membership being cancelled. Those that pay membership through their pension are required to pay the Post fees of €6, to the Post Treasurer.

While all those that pay membership fees to the post, are required to pay Membership and Fees of €30 to the Post Treasurer. We will send a text to each member in the coming days.

The Post AGM, finally took place on the 10th of February. Joe Hayes, Chairman. Ken OBrien, Secretary. Pat Deedigan, Treasurer. Mick Walsh, Clothing Officer, Pa Hogan, Billy McGrath, Murty Hanley and Tony Stack, Committee. We are always looking for members to help us run the Post, so if you can offer your assistance, please contact us.

Text and Email scams.

A number of people have been on, saying they are not getting texts or notifications. Please check that your mailbox or voicemail box is not full. You should clear these on a regular basis as you have only a small storage space. If you are not getting any messages from me, please contact me and we will try to sort it out.

Fraudsters are still attempting to scam people and their methods keep changing. Please be aware and do not accept request for money through texts or emails. Also do not reply to any calls from numbers, that you are not sure of, if the person is genuine, they will leave a message or send you a text. At this point we must assume that a call or text, is not genuine until we check it out.

Please do not reply to any calls from these numbers, if you do not know who the caller is. This applies to voicemail and also emails. If the person calling has not made themselves visible to you, please block the number and if necessary contact the Authorities or Gardai.

For those of us feeling anxious and lonely, the HSE have added a contact number for those of us who wish to speak to someone about our problems.

Text Hello to 50808 day or night, someone will contact you to discuss your worries, or if need be, feel free to ring Ken on 086 3488118.

Lets us also remember our comrades and family that have passed away in the last 12 Months, We are thinking of you all, at this time.

Changes to Military Pension Help Desk.

See Vol 3, Issue 9 for the latest changes to the NSSO contact details.

On the drop down link on this page, is the Post Newsletter.

You can check on what is happening or get information on subjects that might be of interest to you.

If you wish to have the Newsletter mailed to you, please forward your email address to Ken OBrien


From the Committee of Post 6 and IUNVA, please follow the recommended directions in relation to COVID-19.

Please keep safe, if you are isolated and need assistance, please contact Ken on 086 3488118, we will try and assist in any way we can.


ANSAC Credit Union

ANSAC CU, who sponsor our Newsletter have put in place a number of options to assist members at this very trying time. If you are unsure of what to do, give the office a ring and the very helpful staff will guide you through your options.


Post 6,

Does not condone Racism or Bullying in any shape or form.

Mia's Army

OnelifeIreland, is a non profit charity in process of registration that was set up by former soldier William O Neill and his daughter Aisling O Neill following the tragic death by suicide of Mia O Neill (16) on 06.09.2019.

Following years of racial abuse and bullying that began at the age of 4. Mia was Willie's granddaughter.

Mia's Army are a group of youths who have formed following Mia's tragic and preventable loss. They are committed, passionate and relentless in their fight to bring more awareness to the racism that exists in today's society, encouraging a change in the social interactions of youths, inspiring others to break the stigma surrounding mental health and eventually to raise much
needed funding to improve existing mental health services.

Statement :-
We want to spread a positive and uplifting message to youths that they are not alone and it's ok not to be ok. The root of our message is, to always #bekind ????

Mia's Army is not just for people who knew Mia on a personal level.

Mia's Army is for anyone who has been a victim of racial abuse and bullying.

Mia's Army is for anyone who struggles with mental health and wants to promote and support change.

Mia's Army is about positive awareness and bringing a fun and inspiring message that will give others hope.

Mia's Army is all inclusive!


Have you left ANSAC CU, it is possible to re apply.

Post 6 Annual General Meeting 2022.

At the AGM, the following were elected to serve as the Post Committee, for 2020.

Chairman:             Joe Hayes.

Secretary:              Ken OBrien

Tresurer:                Pat Deedigan

Clothing Officer:  Rama Walsh

Committee:           Pa Hogan, Billy McGrath, Murty Hanley.

Delegates to National Meetings: Ken OBrien, there is a vacancy for anther Delegate and reserve Delegate, to represent Post 6 at the Delegate meetings.

New or Lapsed Members

Post 6, would like to welcome any new members that wish to join IUNVA, or indeed welcome back any lapsed members. 

Serving members of Defence Forces may join IUNVA.

A Veteran does not mean a retired Soldier, in this case it means, a person that has Served Overseas with the UN.

If you wish to join or rejoin, contact any current Post Member, for details. Post No 6 would like to build on its current strength and would welcome any help in that matter.


At the handover of the Post No 6 Newsletter to IUNVA HQ for the Museum, Tony Stack Post No 6 Delegate, Jim Casey IUNVA Chairman, Tony Liddy Post No 6 Delegate, Charlie Mott IUNVA Secretary.

The Newsletter is issued every two months and is also available on this website or can be emailed to individuals.

For details contact Ken OBrien on 086 3488118


Post 6 News Updates

Currently we do not have contact details for all our members, we are trying to correct this.

If you are not receiving text notifications, please contact Ken OBrien


It was passed at Annual general meeting, that all Post No 6 members must pay a Post fee of €6 per year, this is on top of the Annual membership fee €24, which most members are paying through their pension. This €6 can be paid to any committee member. If you are unsure of your payments, please ring me on 086 3488118.


Post No 6: News and Activities

Part Time Courses:

Are you interested in taking up a part time course. We have added a link on the Links page to

There are courses for all interests.


Tesco Community Fund

Post Chairman Tony Ledger and Secretary Ken OBrien receiving a cheque from Caoimhe on behalf of the Tesco in the Community Fund, in Arthurs Quay.

This is part of the Tesco Community Fund assisting Clubs and Causes in the locality.