Deceased Members, Wreath Laying Ceremony

Sarsfield Barracks. 2023


Remembrance Sunday 2023


Defence Forces Veterans Day 2023, McKee Barracks

George Kerton, Michael Thompson, John Murray,
Ken OBrien

Ken OBrien, Richie Reidy, Jimmy OCallaghan,
DCOS Rossa Mulcahy

John Murray, Richie Reidy, Michael Thonpson,
Ken OBrien

Ken OBrien leaning on Sliabh na Mon for support

Richie Reidy and Ken OBrien

Jimmy OCallaghan, Denis Carroll, DCOS Rossa
Mulcahy, Ken OBrien

IUNVA Members prior to forming up for the Veterans Day Parade

Frontline Services Parade, Limerick City 2023

Post members who took part in the Frontline
Services Day Parade 23, in Limerick City.
Tony Carroll, Joe Curtin, Jimmy OCallaghan,
Ken OBrien

National Day of Commemoration 2023

Cyril Shanahan and Post Chair Joe Curtin

Tony Stack, Richie Reidy, Cyril Shanahan, Joe Curtin, Ken OBrien, Michael Dillon, Jimmy OCallaghan

Mayoral Reception for Veterans of IUNVA and ONE,

Monday 12/June/23

Mayor Francis Foley, Post 6 Chairman Joe Curtin

Mayor Francis Foley, ONE Branch President
Mattie Gardiner

Joe Curtin, Francis Foley, Mattie Gardiner

Ken OBrien, Jimmy ODonoghue, Joe Curtin,
Capt King,Francis Foley, Stan Hurley,
Lt Col D Carroll OC 12th Bn, Richie Reidy,
Jimmy OCallaghan

Members of Patrick Sarsfield Branch ONE with
Mayor Francis Foley. Front Frank Purcell,
Pat Hinchey, Johnny Cantillon,
Mayor Francis Foley, Mattie Gardiner,
Peter McNamara, Gareth Ryan, Denis Carroll,
Back Row, Brian Kelly, Des Collins,
Tony OSullivan, Gerry ODoherty,
Cormac Kerwin, Gerry Enright.

Capt King, Jimmy ODonoghue, Ken OBrien,
Mick Bullman, Joe Curtin, Francis Foley,
Martin Bedford, Richie Reidy, Stan Hurley,
Jimmy OCallaghan, Lt Col D Carroll.

Members of IUNVA Post 6 and ONE, with
Mayor Francis Foley, Lt Col D Carroll,
Capt King and Cormac Kerwin

Post 6 Members with Mayor Francis Foley

ONE Patrick Sarsfield Branch with
May0r Francis Foley, Capt King,
Lt Col D Carroll C 12th Bn and Cormac Kerwin

The United Nations Peacekeepers Annual Wreath Lying Ceremony 2023, was marked with a Wreath Laying Ceremony by Post 6, at the United Nations Monument in Saint Mary's Cathedral on Sunday 28/May/2023.

Post 6, would like to thank the invited Guests,

Mayor Francis Foley,

Lt E OConnell on behalf of OC 12th Bn,

Insp Sandra Heelan on behalf of An Garda Siochana,

Mr Loic Guyon French Consul,

Rev Oliver of Saint Mary's Cathedral.

ONE Limerick,

Military Police Association,

Irish Naval Association,

Royal British Legion Limerick Branch,

Irish Veterans Association.

For their participation in todays ceremony.

A special word of thanks to MP Association members Stephen Kelly and Willie Frawley, both UN vets who assisted us with raising and lowering flags on the day.

All photos taken by Michael Rama Walsh, Post 6 Member.

Post 6 Chairman Joe Curtin, listens to the
Address given by the Mayor of Limerick City and County Cllr Francis Foley

Joe Curtin and Mayor Francis Foley lay Wreaths   
at the Monument

Lt E O'Connell on behalf of the 12th Bn and Mr Loic Guyon, French Consul

Tony Stack Post 6 Standard Bearer

Kevin Milligan RBL Limerick, Lt E O'Connell and
Mr Loic Guyon, getting to renew acquaintances

Martin Bedford ONE, Joe Curtin Post 6 Chairman,
Niall McMahon Irish Vets Association, Pa Hogan and Mick Bullman both Post 6

ONE members, Mattie Gardiner, Denis Carroll,
Peter McNamara, Johnny Cantillon Branch
Chairman, Garreth Ryan, - -, - -, Des Collins,
Gerry Enright, Martin Bedford.

Mattie Gardiner ONE, Mayor Francis Foley, Mick Bullman Post 6 and Tony Liddy Post 6.

Military Police Association members,
Stephen Kelly, - -, - -, Eamon ORiordan, - -, Willie Frawley.

Veterans association members on Parade

Invited Guests and Vets await the start of the

Post 6 member Jimmy OCallaghan

Invited Guests

Chloe Nash and Rebecca OBrien, watch with interest
 as their Granda MCs the Ceremony

United Nations Monument, Saint Mary's Cathedral, Limerick.

Playing of National Anthem to end the ceremony

Willie Frawley MPA

Johnny Cantillon ONE and - - MPA

Stephen Kelly MPA

Pa Hogan IUNVA, Martin Bedford ONE

Ger OHalloran, Irish Naval Association

Ger Enright ONE and Joe Curtin Post 6 Chairman

Des Collins ONE, Francis Foley Mayor,
Lt E OConnell 12th BN, Stephen Kelly MPA,
Insp Sandra Heelan An Garda Siochana.

INA members on Parade

Insp Sandra Heelan An Garda Siochana and Loic Guyon French Consul
 Bernie Blake and friend watching proceedings

- -, Ger Kennedy both INA, - - ONE

Laying of the Wreaths

Bernie Blake, Peter McNamara, Gareth Ryan, ONE

Tony Stack IUNVA Post 6, Ger

INA members on Parade

Invited Guests at the Ceremony

Stephen Kelly and Willie Frawley, MPA

Stand Down Parade: Sgt Major Stan Hurley, 13/April/2023

Pa Hogan, Harry Naughton, Mick Bullman,
Stan Hurley, Joe Guerin, Martin Bedford,
Ken OBrien, Jimmy OCallaghan.

Cyril Shanahan, Stan Hurley, Pa Hogan,
Gerry Carroll, - -, Jimmy  OCallaghan

Cyril Shanahan, Stan Hurley,  ,
Jimmy OCallaghan, Len Devine


Remembrance Sunday 14th November 2021.

Members of Post 6 were kindly invited by Reverend Paul Fitzpatrick to attend a Remembrance Sunday Service at Saint Flannans Cathedral, Killaloe.

Photo from right to left: Louise Fitzgibbon Hogan, Jimmy OCallaghan Post 6, Pa Hogan Post 6, Rev Paul Fitzpatrick, Joe Hayes Post 6 Chairman, Ken OBrien Post 6, Niall McMahon IDFVA.
Our Thanks to Paul and his Parishioners for the kind invite. Photo Rev Paul Fitzpatrick.

Post 6 Members who took part in the 2022 National Services Day, in Limerick

Post 6 members, Ken OBrien, Mick Dillon DSM, Jimmy OCallaghan.

IUNVA visit to New York for Veterans Day Parade 2019

Post Members Pat OBrien and Michael Rama Walsh, took part in the Parade. Photos taken by Rama Walsh.

Ahoy there Captain


12th Bn Guard of Honour, Aras an Uactharain. 2019

Photo by Rama Walsh


Seamus Madigan, Kevin Hanley, Frankie
Quinlivan, John Moloney, Michael Walsh,
Mark Sommers,  John Murray

12th Bn, 80th Anniversary Celebrations.

Photos by Rama Walsh, there is a full set on

Post 6 Members with OC 1 Brigade
Paddy Flynn

Post 6 on Parade

Pa Hogan, Robbie Kiely, Paddy Flynn,
- Galvin, Stan Hurley, Cyril Shannahan

12th Bn on Parade with Brigade OC Paddy Flynn

and members of Post 6 and ONE


National Day of Commemoration 2019.

City Hall Merchants Quay Limerick.

Post Members Billy McGrath and Tony

Photo by Rama Walsh

From Left Post Members, Pat Deedigan,
Joe Curtin, Cyril Shannahan, Joe Hyaes,
Tony Grant (Post 24), Murty Hanley, Pat
Hinchy, Jimmy OCallaghan.
Photo  by Rama Walsh

Wreath Laying Ceremony

Photo by Rama Walsh

12th Bn Guard of Honour

Photo by Rama Walsh

Mayor Sheehan with Comdt OSullivan
and OC 12th Bn Lt Col R Kiely.
Photo by Rama Walsh

IUNVA Members with 12 Bn CO. Tony
Grant Post 24, Sgt Major Stan Hurley,
Lt Col R Kiely OC 12th, Murty Hanley,
Joe Curtin, Cyril Shannahan, Joe Hayes
Post Chairman, Pat Hinchy,
Comdt J OSullivan
Photo Pat Deedigan

Multi Faith Prayers
Photo Pat Deedigan

General salute for the Mayor
Photo Pat Deedigan

Wreath Laying Party, Sgt Major Stan
Hurley, Cpl StJohn McCloskey,
Liam Slattery retired Wreath Carrier
Photo Pat Deedigan

Also on Sunday the 14th, a Ceremony was held in Ennis at the WW1 Memorial to mark the Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Members of the 22Bn association and
IUNVA Members on Parade
Photo Pat Deedigan

Mayor of Clare Cllr Cathal Crowe,
address's the gathering with Peter
McNamara of ONE Patrick Sarsfield
Branch carry the Post Flag
Photo Pat Deedigan

IUNVA Members in Attendance were
Ken OBrien, Joe Curtin, Tony Carroll,
all Post 6
Photo Pat Deedigan

 IUNVA Veterans Day 2019

Post Members Ken OBrien and Joe Hayes
 with George Kerton

Flags on Parade

Photos by Martin Rowe, Post 27

Limerick Branch Royal British Legion Ceremony,

to Mark 75th anniversary of D Day Landings, 06/June/2019.

Last Post Salute

On Parade


Photographs  from the United Nations Peacekeepers Wreath Laying Ceremony, 29/May/2019.

At the United Nations Memorial, Saint Mary's Cathedral, Limerick.

Photographs by Post member, Michael Rama Walsh.

Chief Superintendent G Roche, Lt Col R Kiely, Ken OBrien

Father Peter and Dean Niall Sloan, reading the prayers

Freddie Swords lays a Wreath on behalf of the Sarsfield
Barracks Retired Officers Association

Pa Hogan laying a Wreath on behalf of the members of
Post 6.

Kevin Millican, laying a wreath on behalf of the members
of the Royal British Legion, Limerick Branch

Eamon Riordan lays a Wreath on behalf of the Military
Police Association, Southern Branch.

Tom Griffin lays a Wreath on behalf of the Griffin Family
to remember Stephen Griffin RIP.


As part of the Riverfest Festival 2019, A prayer service was held in Saint Mary's Cathedral to mark the city's connection to the River and the Sea. among those to attend were members of the crew of LE Eithne, Chaplin Des Campion of the  Naval Service, Father Piotr of Sarsfield Barracks. Limerick Women's Dragon Boat Crew, ONE, Post 6 IUNVA, The OC Sarsfield Barracks was represented by Comdt Slattery . Dean Niall Sloan, Rev Paul Fitzpatrick and Rev Edna Wakley, along with members of the Clergy offered prayers for all those who are involved with the River and Sea.

Below are some Photos from the occasion, taken by Pat Deedigan, Post 6.


Attending the Riverfest Prayer Service on
05/May/19 in Saint Mary's Cathedral, Joe
and Colleen Berger, from the USA, Dom
Kiely, John Cantillon ONE, Ken OBrien
IUNVA, Rev Paul Fitzpatrick Saint Mary's.

Crew from the LE Eithne with Naval
Chaplin Des Campion

Rev Paul Fitzpatrick with members of the
Limerick Women's Dragon Boat Crew

Father Des and Crew members visiting
the IUNVA Memorial in the Grounds of
Saint Mary's

Rev Paul and Father Des, discuss the

Comdt Slattery , representing OC Sarsfield

LE Eithne Crew, Des Campion

Ken OBrien with Lt Cmdr Stuart
Donaldson, LE Eithne

Father Des, Pa Hogan, Louise Fitzgibbon
and Ger Enright, having a chat

Army Chaplins Des Campion and Father
Piotr, Ken OBrien

Ken OBrien, Father Peter, Pa Hogan

Jimmy ODonoghue, Pa Hogan and Louise

Dom Kiely, Billy McGrath, Louise
Fitzgibbon, Pa Hogan and Jimmy

Father Des with the Second Reading

Catherine , welcoming the LE Eithne Crew


Post 6 Members, that took part in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in  Limerick City. From left, Ken OBrien, Joe Curtin, Pa
Hogan, Tony Grant Post 24, Tony Liddy, Mick Dillon, Tony Carroll Post 2, Jimmy OCallaghan, Murty Hanley, Billy McGrath,
Tony Stack, Jimmy ODonoghue.

Friday Morning Club visit to Sarsfield Barracks, 22/Feb/19

All photos by Pat Deedigan

Friday Morning Club tour of Sarsfield
Barracks, 22/Feb/19, Mick Rama Walsh 
Curator/Tour Guide

Martin Bedford talks to Rama Walsh in the
Barrack Museum

Some of the Friday Morning Club members
on the Tour

Rama Walsh talks about the Exhibits.

The Lee Enfield Exhibit

Some more Exhibits.

Plaques to 1916 Signatories on the Museum

Martin Bedford and Mick Bullman enjoy
the Tour

The Wall of Champions, Sarsfield Barracks

Rama Walsh talks about the Church and the
Unit Flags

Rama explains about the Barrack Buildings

A happy group

Memorial to Deceased Members

Memorial in Church to those that died in

Congo Photos

Memorial to Felix Grant, First Irish
member to die on UN Service

Leb Photos

Museum Exhibits

Memorial to Capt Keane

Now Lads please do as you are told

Friday Club visit to Haulbowline

Denis Carroll, Gerry Enright, Eamonn  Quaid, J
Moloney, John McCarthy, - -, Sean Gleeson,
Chris Barr

Denis Carroll, J Moloney, Eamonn Quaid, Gerry
Enright, Sean Gleeson, Chris Barr, John

Saint Mary's Cathedral Civic Service 2018

Members of an Garda, ONE and Post No 6,
pictured with the Mayor and Clergy at the Civic

Cyril Shanahan, Bishop Kearon, Joe Hayes, Tony Ledger

Garda Reps at the Civic service

Ist Anniversary of Dean Sloan in Limerick

Noreen, marking the Anniversary

Joe Hayes, Ken OBrien and Joe Coleman

Tony Ledger, Ken Obrien, Joe Hayes, Cyril
Shanahan, Jimmy ODonoghue

Victor Browne, Cyril Shanahan

On the 14th of July, the 12th Inf Bn took part in the Annual Military Display at the Memorial in Merrion Square.

A number of Post No 6 members attended. Mick Dillon, Mike Duffy, Willie Keane and Cyril Shannahan.

below are photos of Cyril with COS Vice Admiral Mark Mellet and OC 1 Bde, Col Paddy Flynn.



National Day of Commemoration,

Limerick City 08/07/2018

Mattie Gardiner ONE, Mick Duffy RIP, Post No 6,

Johnny Cantillon ONE,

Mayor of Limerick James Collins,

Joe Hayes Post No 6, Ken OBrien Post No 6.

Photo by Keith Wiesman

The following photos were taken by Post No 6 member, Gerry Hall

Liam Slattery and his wife, at his last official

Lt Col Murphy, Mayor James Collins and Comdt

Take my Picture.

12th Bn Honour Guard, preparing for the

Joe Hayes, Mick Dillon, Mick Duffy RIP. Tony
Liddy, Ken OBrien, Pat Deedigan

Honour Guard marching on, photo by Pat

Paulie Power, Mark Somers, Dave McInerney,
Photo by Pat Deedigan

Post No 6 Members, photo by Pat Deedigan

Mayor James Collins escorted on by Lt Col
Murphyand Comdt OSullivan, photo by Pat

Liam Slattery, One last time, photo by Pat Deedigan

Job done, Liam, photo by Pat Deedigan

At rest, photo by Pat Deedigan

Wild Geese Memorial and the Curraghgower Choir.
Photo by Pat Deedigan

Sgt Major Hurley, Comdt OSullivan, Lt Col Murphy,
Photo by Pat Deedigan

Liam Slattery and Family with Mayor James Collins
and his wife, Photo by Pat Deedigan

 At the launch of the Saint Mary's Cathedral,

 Community Awards Scheme

Murty Hanley, Ken OBrien, Tony Stack Post No 6,

Johnny Cantillon, Ger Enright, Chris Barr ONE


 UN Peacekeepers Wreath Laying Ceremony 2018

UN Peacekeepers Wreath Laying
Ceremony 2018

Comdt John OSullivan 2 I/C 12th Bn,
Stephen Kelly Military Police Association

Dean Sloan and Dean Wakely

Dean Sloan and Dean Wakely , reading
the prayers, Post Chairman Joe Hayes

Deputy Mayor Marian Hurley, Post
Chairman Joe Hayes

Ger Enright ONE, Eamonn ORiordan
Military Police Association

Gerry Doherty ONE, Johnny Cantillon
ONE, Tony Stack IUNVA, Denis Carroll
ONE, Tony Liddy IUNVA

Jim OReilly and Willie Frawley
Military Police Association, Mattie
Gardiner ONE

Kevin Milliken Royal British Legion,
Mick McMahon Retired Officers
Sarsfield Barracks, Pat Mulcahy Royal
British Legion

Jim OReilly, John Gaffney, Eamon
ORiordan, Military Police association

Jimmy ODonoghue Post NO 6 reading the
Roll of Honour

Post No 6 members Jimmy ODonoghue,
Pa Hogan

Kevin Millekin Royal British Legion, Pat
Mulcahy, Royal British Legion, Denis
Carroll, Chris Barr, Dave ODwyer,
Johnny Cantillon, Gerry Enright,
Gerry Doherty, John Nolan all of ONE

Post No 6 Members Tony Stack, Jimmy
ODonoghue and Tony Grant Post No 24

Sean OMeara RIP, Jim Dawson, Mick
McMahon, Retired Officers Sarsfield

Tony Grant son of Felix Grant with his wife at the

Military Police Association Personnel,
Stephen Kelly, John Gaffney, Jim OReilly, Willie
Frawley, Eamonn ORiordan

Denis Carroll ONE, Tony Stack Post No 6

Keiran Jordan Retired Officers Sarsfield
Barracks, Mattie Gardiner ONE

Johnny Cantillon ONE, Joe Hayes and Pa Hogan

Mick McMahon Retired Officers

Eamonn ORiordan, Mick McMahon,
Kevin Milliken, Laying Wreaths

Tony Liddy, Pa Hogan, John McCarthy,
Martin Hanley

Deputy Mayor Marian Hurley and Post
Chairman Joe Hayes laying wreaths


Post No 6 members, Tony Liddy,

Tony Stack, Jimmy ODonoghue

and Ken OBrien at the

Listowel Military Festival 2018

 Friday Club visit to Arbour Hill and Collins Barracks.

Joe and Harry in Collins Barracks

Ronnie Daly has an interested audience

Inside the Museum Room in IUNVA

Inside Arbour Hill Church

Arbour Hill Prison.

Selfie Time, Mike, Chris and Rama, take a break
from the tour.
Dave is checking that they are okay

Friday Morning Club members from Sarsfield Barracks Limerick, In Arbour HillmChurch, with Ronnie Daly  tour Guide

Dave and Peter, when is the heating being turned

Stan Hurley presenting Ronnie Daly with a
veterans Cap

Arbour Hill Church

President Rama

At the 1916 grave site to the executed leaders

The Laid Up Unit Flags of the overseas trips

Pat and Dave, enjoy the sights

Selfie Time, Chris, Pat and Rama

Joe and Ken discuss their next move

Photographers Union, Day out. Pat and Rama

Rama and Peter, what time can I get a hot whiskey


Veterans Day 2017, McDermott Barracks, Curragh Camp

IUNVA on Parade

Ken OBrien, Joe Hayes, - -, Seanie
Cosgrave, Tony Ledger

Mick Dillon, Ken OBrien, Mick Duffy,
Tony Ledger, Joe Hayes, Billy McGrath

Joe Hayes, Tony Ledger

Joe Hayes next to Sliabh na mBan

Tony Ledger, Charlie Mott

Mick Dillon DSM, Tony Ledger

Tony Ledger, Mick Duffy, Mick Dillon DSM,
 Ken OBrien

Joe Hayes, Tony Ledger

Photographs from the Military Ceremony at Merrion Square 12/Aug/2107

Tony Grant, Sophie Boyce, Tommy Boyce, Lt Col
Murphy OC 12th Bn, Pascal Meade, Josh Carroll,
Mick Carroll, Peter McNamara

Mick Dillon and Frank Quinlivan, enjoy a funny

Lt Col Murphy with Limerick members at the

Bernie Blake, Lt Col Murphy, Mick Dillon

GOC South Paddy Flynn with those that traveled
from Limerick

Tony Grant, Willie Keane, Murty Hanley, Mick

Josh Carroll and Mick Carroll, laying a wreath

Tommy Boyce and Sophie Boyce laid a wreath.

Photos from the Limerick Leader:


United Nations Peacekeepers Day 29/May/2017

Eamonn ORiordan, Military Police association, Mick Egan Retired
Officers Association, Murty Hanley IUNVA Post No 6, Sean OMeara
Retired Officers Association.

Dean Edna Wakley Saint Mary's Cathedral talking to
Mayor Michael Hourigan at the ceremony

Station Officer Anthony Cosgrave, Limerick Fire Service,
Chief Superintendent Dave Sheahan, Garda Siochana, Comdt
Dave McCarthy, 12th Bn

Members of ONE and Irish Naval Service attending the
UN Peacekeepers Day

One, Military Police, Irish Naval Service and IUNVA personnel
on parade.

Mayor Michael Hourigan, Post Chairman Joe Hayes and
Post No 6 personnel at the ceremony

Dean Edna Wakley reading the prayers at the ceremony

Tony Stack, Jimmy ODonoghue, Tony Grant and Pa Hogan

Frank Quaid, INA, Mattie Gardiner, Ger Enright ONE

Cyril Shanahan, Murty Hanley, Paddy Doyle

Joe Curtin, Pa Hogan, Mick Duffy, Billy McGrath, Murty Hanley

Mayor Michael Hourigan and Post Chairman Joe Hayes lay
wreaths at the UN Memorial

Paddy Quinlivan, Eamonn ORiordan and John Gaffney,
Military Police Association

Cyril Shanahan, Tony Liddy, Jimmy ODonoghue

 ONE:La na bhFiann

Mattie Gardiner and Joe Hayes

Joe Hayes lays a wreath on behalf of IUNVA, Post No 6

Post Members Joe Hayes, Tony Stack and Willie ODea TD.

On Parade

Post 6 Flag Day 2017.  Photos Gerry Hall

Anthony Stack, Ken OBrien

Kieran Foley, 12th Bn

Anthony Stack

Jimmy ODonoghue

Mick Duffy RIP, Pa Hogan

Pa Hogan

Kevin Egan

 Photographs relating to IUNVA and Post 6 are published here, most of them are in subpages that you can scroll down to.

Ger Enright ONE, Bernie Blake ONE, Tony Ledger Post No6, Vinny Lyons ONE, Ken OBrien Post No6 , - -.

This was the unveiling of the Monument to 1916 in City Hall, Limerick

Tony Ledger Post No 6 and Mike OConnor at the presentation of a Flag from Pay it Forward to Scoil Ide Corbally

Ken OBrien Sec, Joe Hayes Chairman, Post NO 6 at the Pay it Forward Day 2017.  
Photo Gerry Hall


Mass, held in Moyross Church to celebrate the Anniversary of 1916, this Mass was for any retired or serving members of the Defence Forces. The priest had managed to secure the loan of the Chalice and Platen form Saint James Church in Dublin. these were used by the priests to administer last orders to the rebellion Leaders.

Chalice and Platen from Saint James Church,
Used in 1916 for Last Rites of Rebellion Leaders

Cyril Shanahan bringing forward the Offerings

Flags on Parade for the Mass,

Peter MacNamara, Ken OBrien, Johnny
Cantillon and Tony Stack

Gifts being brought forward

Joe Hayes, Ken OBrien, Tony Stack, Tony Liddy

Tony Stack, Cyril Shanahan, Tony Ledger

IUNVA and ONE members before Mass

Those that attended the Mass

Preparing for the Offertory Parade

Pat Deedigan and Bernie Blake

Pat Deedigan, Mick Dillon, Tony Stack

Tony Liddy, Ken OBrien

Cyril Shanahan

Tony Ledger reading a prayer